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TPG Contest Ending June 30th 2008 Jun 27, 2008

Current Place Settings for The Patriot Group Contest

Contest Ends June 30th

UsernameAmountSite name
RedFeather$7.50 Colorado PTC
busyclicks$5.00 PTCHouse
Vegas58$5.00 PTCHouse
ptcuye$5.00 PTCHouse
jorgecasado$5.00 ClickoSaurus
Brent Referral$4.00 ClickoSaurus
cclev123$3.20 Multisites
maxiedecimal$2.50 ClickoSaurus
badr23$2.00 ClickoSaurus
papagaggiu01$1.50 UnicornPTC

NEW OWNERS - The Patriot-Group May 25, 2008

This site is now owned by The Patriot Group. We took over Mar 15th 2008. The site still needs to be moved to our server. So there will be downtime involved. My tech seems to be on vacation. So just as soon as he gets back the site will be moved.

Payouts Jan 15, 2008

Another Succesful tuesday all payout were made on time!

Multiple Ips And Accounts Jan 13, 2008

After reviewing several payouts for members we have noted that sevral members show logins from multiple ips this will not be permitted also we are cleaning up cheaters and autoclickers as well so if you account was suspended you know why!!! We want to offer our advertisers the best advertising for theyre money so that the site can keep growing snd cheaters will not be tolerated i have hired 2 people just to keep up with accounts which request payouts to avoid cheaters completely trust me if you cheat we will catch you...

Payouts Jan 11, 2008

Another round of payouts made today. We are buying egold folks so if you have any to sell for payment by paypal we are paying $1.30 for every dollar of egold we need about $20 for payouts etc.....

Cheaters Jan 08, 2008

I have detected several cheaters on site and i am suspending all suspicious accounts.Be assured if you request payout your account will be reviewed if you are found to be using cheat bots or etc you account will be suspended and your paypal address forwarded to all the sites in our group to prevent your cheating on other sites as well.

Payouts Jan 03, 2008

Well we have just made our first round of payouts for site and since some are hitting pyout noe i will start doing payouts twice a week on tuedays and fridays from now on so it will be easier to organize so if you wish paymet be sure to have you payout request in by midnight on the previous day for payout.

PTP Now Open Dec 28, 2007

We Have Opened the PTP section for a limited number of sites i will be adding sites as we get the requests to add.

PTP Dec 25, 2007

We will be opening up the PTP in the next couple of days but only for approved sites so if theres a site you wish to promote please send us a note via the contact section of site i will try to cover as many s possible but i may miss a few.

Thanks To The Patriot Group Dec 23, 2007

just a thanks to the patriot group for theyre outstanding support to Latin PTC and check out the new design by us on theyre site

Email Dec 20, 2007

Problems with site mail fixed sorry for delay on signup emails.

Adverts R Us Now Open Dec 19, 2007

We have fully opened the newest LatinPTC Network Site Adverts R US.

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